The World’s Best Career Development Tool You’re Not Using (Yet)

The World’s Best Career Development Tool You’re Not Using (Yet)

Google Alerts, in their simplest form, are free alerts you subscribe to that provide fresh content and updates on the topics you are most interested in. The updates are sent to your email Inbox, smartphone or services such as Google Reader.

You are provided with a dozen ways you can use Google Alerts to help you manage your career in the short term, and for the long run:


Teaching without Words: A Must See Ted Talk

What did you think about when you first read Teaching without Words ? Can you imagine yourself delivering a lesson with no words in it ? will it work?

Peterson is a guy who used to have dyslexia when he was young and he did not learn how to read till he was in grade five. As an adult now, he designed some great applications to help teachers teach students without having to say a word. These are basically interactive learning games based on formative feedback. Watch the 8 minutes video to see the revolution Peterson triggered by the use of his free-language teaching approach. Enjoy