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About the New CNA Portal

CNA Video Reflections: Models of Contemporary Learning (MCLs)

CNA Education Staff Portal Quick Start Guide

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CNA Moderation Procedure and Quality Asurance

CNA Model Development Guide

QUICK ACCESS INSTRUCTIONS: to the Catholic Network Australia (CNA) Portal and the CNA Models of Contemporary Learning (MCLs) in the Scootle Repository

Go to the CNA Portal located at:

Enter your CathEdNet user id and password and login

User id …<surname.firstname>

Password: <your CathEdNet password>

You will be welcomed to CNA

Click on tab “Education Resources

Click on the “CNA Teacher Resourcesicon

Click on the “Scootleicon

You may be asked to register first.  If so, do so.

You will then be automatically directed to the “My Scootle dashboard”.

NOW: Type  “mcl” in the search engine to view the examples of ” Models of Contemporary Learning produced by Catholic Australian Dioceses.   There are 45 Models of Contemporary Learning (MCLs) at present.

You can also go to the home page tab to access the Learning Federation Learning Objects and Assets.  You can also create Student “Learning Pathways” as well through Scootle to provide student access.

You should now be able to view the MCLs.  To get a better view click on the tab “Gallery View “  – this is to the left of the screen above the first model displayed.

Below is the “Gallery View” page

Click on one of the models to view.

Development a  Learning Pathway to give student access.

A learning path allows you to integrate selected items of digital curriculum content with learning tasks for students.

Students are provided with a unique PIN to allow them to view and use the content and activities online.

Go to Improve via Scootle.  Improve allows you to produce online Quizzes and Tests for student online acces.

The Improve online formative assessment tool is available for you to use in your classroom . Improve was developed to meet a need in schools for an interactive learning system that can be used by teachers and students around Australia to support students to improve their learning outcomes.

Improve creates individual learning paths for your students based on their success and confidence in answering test questions in a low stakes, fun environment. You can create customised tests and quizzes for your students, and access a number of English and mathematics tests and quizzes that already exist within Improve.

Your students join classes via your Improve Teacher PIN code. Using their own secret password they can access the quizzes, tests and learning resources that you have prepared for them. After your students complete a test or quiz, Improve will provide each of them with a report on their test results and with access to one or more activities, based on their results and the level of confidence they indicated in their answers.

You can monitor the completion of tests, quizzes and activities used by all your students. Once two test cycles are complete, you can check to see if your students’ outcomes have improved.

Australian Curriculum aligned resources in Scootle

Scootle has made finding and using resources aligned to the Australian Curriculum very easy.

  • Browse the Australian Curriculum down to the curriculum content description.
  • Explore student and teacher resources that are matched to the curriculum content description.
  • Add content descriptions and relevant resources to your learning paths.

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