Australian Curriculum

Australian Curriculum

The Australian Curriculum site sets out the core knowledge, understanding, skills and general capabilities important for all Australian students.


This website is aimed at facilitating work around the transition to the Australian Curriculum in Western Australian schools. It is a cross sectoral initiative, supported by the Department of Education (DoE), The Catholic Education Office (CEOWA) and the Association of Independent Schools (AISWA).


This website outlines the work of ACARA and provides background information on the processes involved in the development of an Australian curriculum and national assessment and reporting programs.

West Australian Department of Education

This site provides access documents that map the Australian Curriculum to the K-10 Syllabus. These documents will help teachers to become familiar with the Australian Curriculum for English, mathematics, science and history. This information may be used to identify what content to include, omit or modify in teaching and learning programs. Given the advisory nature of the WA K-10 Syllabus, the extent of change required is likely to vary within and between schools.

Australian Curriculum Resource Blog

Scoop IT: Australian Curriculum Implementation


Australian Curriculum aligned resources on Scootle

Scootle has made finding and using resources aligned to the Australian Curriculum:

  • Browse the Australian Curriculum down to the curriculum content description.
  • Explore the resources that are matched to the curriculum content description.
  • Add content descriptions and relevant resources to your learning paths.

NOTE: Catholic Schools can only login to Scootle via Catholic Network Australia (CNA) log in at

The complete login process is located on the next page entitled “CNA and Scootle”.

Discover resources aligned to the Australian Curriculum via Scootle

Find by Australian Curriculum tab.

You will find an “Australian Curriculum tab” on the homepage to help you find resources that match curriculum content descriptions as set out by the Australian Curriculum Assessment and Reporting Authority for the subject areas of English, history, mathematics and science.You can continue to search for resources by learning area and/or topics by using the panel on the left of the homepage. The Advanced search option has also been moved to the top of the homepage next to the search area.

Additional criteria to refine your search

In the Find by Australian Curriculum area there are now additional criteria to refine your search. In addition to year levels, you can apply filters from the areas of General capabilities and Cross-curriculum priorities.

Australian Curriculum view option for search results

When you search for a resource, the results that come up can now be viewed according to their relevance to the Australian Curriculum. Click on View by Australian Curriculum on the top of your Search results page to view resources matched to the curriculum.

Resource details includes Australian Curriculum parameters

Along with the education details on the Resource details page, you can also read the curriculum content description, elaborations, general capabilities and ScOT terms used for a specific resource.

Add content descriptions to your learning paths

You can now view elaborations for each content description and also add the content descriptions to your learning paths by clicking the Add content description to learning path button. It works in the same way as adding resources to your learning path.

Students viewing a learning path that contains either teacher resources or curriculum content descriptions will not be able to view the teacher resources or content descriptions. These changes will also be reflected within the Collaborative Activity space.

Differentiate between classroom resources and teacher resources

You can choose to categorise your search results as ‘classroom resources’ or ‘teacher resources’. Classroom resources are resources that can be used with students – such as learning objects, assessment objects and so on – whereas teacher resources include teaching support materials such as units of work and teacher ideas.

Other Useful Sites: 

Implementing P-10 Australian Curriculum in Queensland

Australian Academy of Science
Primary Connections is aligned with the rationale and aims of the Australian Curriculum: Science. It supports its national implementation by providing an innovative, inquiry-based program linking the teaching of science with literacy.

The Australian Mathematical Sciences Institute has made available more than sixty mathematical topics to support teachers in their teaching of mathematics.

The modules were produced as [part of the Improving Mathematics Education In Schools (TIMES) Project funded by the Australian Government Department of Education.

The modules are organised under the strand titles of the Foundation  to Year 1o Australian Curriculum

  • Number and Algebra
  • Measurement and Geometry
  • Statistics and Probability

All teachers have open access to these modules.

About the Teaching & Learning Resource Pilot

The resources featured on this website come from different program areas across the ABC including TV, radio and online.

Educational content or metadata has been added by educators to reflect the relevant subjects and years. This site is to be used by teachers, students and parents.

The teaching and learning materials are relevant for the following curricula:

  • NSW curriculum (as at 2009); and
  • National / Australian curriculum (2010 draft).

The content available in this pilot is already available via ABC online; therefore, it does not require any additional licensing to use within the classroom or elsewhere.

The pilot project has the following aims:

  • To test the technology of sharing content and metadata between the ABC and Centre for Learning Innovation (NSW Department of Education & Training) as well as the broader community of teachers, students and parents across Australia;
  • To assess the value of different ABC content and programs to teachers in the classroom; and
  • To explore the most useful formats and delivery mechanisms for ABC content to teachers, parents and students.

In the longer term, the ABC is planning to continue mapping its high value educational content to all subjects within the National / Australian curriculum and make this available through the ABC Learn site as well as a number of outlets and platforms.

Other Resources:



Australian Curriculum Resources ESA

Government of SA

Queensland Authority

Education Queensland

Primary Connections

Jacaranda’s latest resources for Australian Curriculum History

History Teachers Association

Curriculum Resources

NSW Board of studies

Department of Education WA

Oxford Primary – Australian Curriculum

Community Resources for Science

Australian Curriculum Presentations

General Australian Curriculum Presentation Phase 1 to 3 Implementation

General Capabilities Presentation

Worksheet: Discuss in your Learning Area

Australian Curriculum: Cross-curriculum priorities

Links to the Other Learning Areas

Draft Shape Paper Technologies Presentation

Draft Shape Paper Economics and Business



Please see below the current list of Pearson eBook titles – all Pearson eBooks are compatible with an ipad (and all other devices). For any item that is not ticked a Pearson Reader does exist – at present Pearson Reader contains flash based resources so they are not fully operational on an ipad.
I have attached an information sheet outlining the new Pearson Reader 2.0, Pearson eBook 3.0 and Pearson Assess for your interest.


AC English Pearson English 7 AB
AC English Pearson English 7 SB


AC English Pearson English 8 AB
AC English Pearson English 8 SB


AC English Pearson English 9 AB
AC English Pearson English 9 SB


AC English Pearson English 10 AB
AC English Pearson English 10 SB


AC Geography Pearson Geography 7 SB
AC Geography Pearson Geography 8 SB
AC Geography Pearson Geography 9 SB
AC History Pearson History 7 SB


AC History Pearson History 8 SB


AC History Pearson History 9 SB


AC History Pearson History 10 SB


AC Mathematics Australian Signpost Maths 7 SB
AC Mathematics Australian Signpost Maths 8 SB
AC Mathematics Pearson Maths 7 SB


AC Mathematics Pearson Maths 8 SB


AC Mathematics Pearson Maths 9 SB


AC Mathematics Pearson Maths 10 SB


AC Science Pearson Science 7 for NSW SB
AC Science Pearson Science 8 for NSW SB
AC Science Pearson Science 7 SB


AC Science Pearson Science 8 SB


AC Science Pearson Science 9 SB


AC Science Pearson Science 10 SB


Business & Economics Business Focus HSC SB
Business & Economics Business Focus Prelim SB
Business & Economics Commerce, Civics & Citizenship VELS SB
Geography Aust Explorations SB


Geography Geography Focus 1 SB


Geography Geography Focus 2 SB


Geography Geography VELs Lvl 6 SB
Geography Global Explorations SB


Geography Heinemann Atlas 5th Ed SB


Geography Longman Atlas 6th ED SB
Languages iiTomo 1 SB
Languages iiTomo 2 SB
Languages iiTomo 3/4 SB
Languages Jinbu 1 SB
Languages Jinbu 2 SB
Languages Quoi De Neuf 1 SB
Languages Quoi De Neuf 2 SB
Languages Quoi De Neuf 3/4 SB
Languages Saling Silang 1 SB NEW
Languages Saling Silang 2 SB NEW
Other Living Religion 4 ed SB
Science Hein Biology HSC SB 3rd Ed


Science Hein Biology Prelim SB 3rd Ed


Science Hein Biology 1 Enh SB
Science Hein Biology 2 Enh SB
Science Hein Chemistry 1 Enhan SB
Science Hein Chemistry 2 Enhan SB
Science Hein Physics 11 Enh SB
Science Hein Physics 12 Enh SB
Science PS: Science & Inquiry 1 SB
Science PS: Science & Inquiry 2 SB
Technology Food By Design VELS Enh SB


Technology Food Tech Focus SB
Technology Info & Software Tech SB
The Arts Heinemann Media 1 & 2 SB 2nd Ed

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